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Caravan holiday parks in the South of France

Some call them caravan parks, others mobile home parks or sites, but they are all the same animal whether they be in Brittany or the south of France, and we are fortunate to be able to offer you some of the best deals around for your caravan park holiday in the south of France, western France, the north or inland by lakes or rivers.

A holiday in a large and luxurious mobile home or static caravan on a purpose built park which can sleep the whole family and still have room to spare, with a fully operative kitchen and a bathroom/shower room, proper comfortable beds and settees in the lounge must be better than sleeping outside in a tent mustnít it?

Not that we knock camping holidays in the least, especially since we as a family have camped the world over, and in many a place which was nowhere near as nice as the south of France I may add!

But in truth, these caravan parks are not limited to the south of France by any means, and you can find them all over the country from Picardy in the north to Provence and the Languedoc in the south, and all the way down the west coast as well as inland by lakes and rivers.


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